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Refurbish Canada refurbished computers are all considered "Grade A" quality unless otherwise stated on the product page.

Refurbished computers and electronic products are restored to function as new products and they have no noticeable working conditions relative to new products. They may however have minor scratches and blemishes. A refurbished computer is one that cannot be sold as new, as it has been previously leased to corporate customers, used as a display product or returned for a range of reasons. The laptop batteries are tested and we only guarantee the battery life to be between 45min-2hr of use. We do not guarantee the product to come with additional features (i.e. Webcam, touchscreen, Bluetooth, fingerprint scanner) unless it is written in the descriptions. All refurbished products are cleaned, certified and quality tested by an Authorized Microsoft Refurbisher 

Refurbish Canada products are all certified and quality tested Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. To demonstrate our level of commitment on quality, the website photos of products are from real products taken from our warehouse.
If you require any additional photos for quality or have other questions please do not hesitate.
Confidence in our work and products is reflected in the FREE One Year Warranty* we attach to our computers and systems.

A refurbished product provides you the means to purchase a higher end quality computer at an affordable price while providing you with the similar quality of computing power as a brand new computer. It is the ideal way of getting maximum value compared to similar new products.

A refurbished product has been professionally restored to working order. Typically this means that the product has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications. The item may or may not be in its original packaging. The manufacturer's or refurbisher's warranty must apply and should be included in the listing comments. Refurbished items are sometimes referred to as remanufactured.